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Q&A With Beauty Advisor Tilda Nicol

This week, we sat down with Tilda Nicol, one of Priceline’s in-store Beauty Advisors and got the lowdown on the most frequently asked questions about our new Aus Medic Co skincare range. In her words, Tilds (@Tildanicol98) gives us her favourite products in the range and exactly how you should go about using them.

Do I need to purchase the whole range?

Absolutely not. They all work incredibly on their own, but the range works hand in hand together. I highly recommend starting with number No. 4 ILLUMINATING PEPTIDE MOISTURISER & PHYTO-NUTRIENT FACE MASK WITH ALGAE EXTRACT and then building out your range by adding the serums for hydration.

If I want to increase my skin moisture which Aus Medic Co. product should I get?

They all have active ingredients that will help with moisture, but No. 3 INTENSIVE PEPTIDE FACE LIFT SERUM & No. 4 ILLUMINATING PEPTIDE MOISTURISER will be a dry skin’s best friend.


Are there any Aus Medic Co products that are paired really well together?

Honestly, all of them complement each other but either No. 4 ILLUMINATING PEPTIDE MOISTURISER and PHYTO-NUTRIENT FACE MASK WITH ALGAE EXTRACT (moisturiser and mask). OR No. 3 INTENSIVE PEPTIDE FACE LIFT SERUM and No. 4 ILLUMINATING PEPTIDE MOISTURISER (serum and moisturiser are like peanut butter and jelly… the perfect combo).

How long do I leave the mask on?

You only need 5-10 minutes but I personally leave it on for around 20 minutes, so I can either relax or get stuff one while it's on. It’s my me-time.

How often should I do a mask?

Because the main use for the mask is natural exfoliation, I’d recommend around 1-2 times a week.

Can I use the Serums over makeup?

Aus Medic Co's No. 2 INTENSIVE PEPTIDE EYE LIFT SERUM & No. 3 INTENSIVE PEPTIDE FACE LIFT SERUM, work best under your makeup. Make sure to let all applications of the product absorb fully into your skin ( you don't want any of those peptides going to waste). follow with the the MOISTURISER. Then apply your makeup as normal.

Can I use the No. 5 ANTI-POLLUTION MIST over makeup?

YES. It’s an amazing setting spray for make up. You can also spray before you apply your make up as a prep/prime.

How often should I use No. 2 INTENSIVE PEPTIDE EYE LIFT SERUM?

Twice daily is ideal - morning and night.

What makes the Aus Medic Co. range worth the price tag?

By now I’m sure you all understand why it has the luxury price tag, it’s because it has so many luxury active ingredients like peptides. The peptides in this range are costed at about $2000 per kilo. After all, you get what you pay for.

Where are the products made?

They are all proudly Australian made, in Melbourne

Are they suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes! They are suitable for all skin types and are dermatologically tested. But as always, I’d suggest you test 24 hours prior to use and discontinue if you experience any irritations.

Can you recycle the packaging?

They sure are! The bottles are glass so completely environmentally friendly. Just make sure to give a quick rinse out before placing in your recycle bin.

Where can I buy Aus Medic Co.?

The range is exclusive to Priceline, so in-store or online.

When was Aus Medic Co. first created?

This incredible new range is brand new est. 2019!

How long will the products last me?

Because Aus Medic Co. are packed full of all the good stuff a little bit goes a long way,

meaning they can last for around 3/ 4 months if being used daily.

How long before I see results?

Each product is different but after just one use of the moisturiser, I saw results of my skin looking a lot healthier, happier and glowing!

Matilda Nicol - Priceline Beauty Advisor

Tilda Nicol is a 20 year old with a Diploma in Screen and Media Makeup. And now works as a Beauty Advisor at Priceline Pharmacy, Albany Creek. Her love for makeup has very much extended to skincare and the science of the skin. Tilda also has an avid following on Instagram (@Tildanicol98), and started out as a plus-size fashion blogger but since has lost 55 kgs and moved to fitness, fashion and cosmetics.

She grew up in a small country town of 600 people on a large Cotton Farm before heading to boarding school. Tilda loves all things colourful, animal print, body positivity and has a slight obsession with skincare and exercise tights…. Oh and she adores her 2 pugs. Tilda comes from a large family of 4 children, so her main support system has always been her siblings, incredible parents and now with her partner Toby of 6 years.

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